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Never in history, the technological progress has accelerated as these last 10 years.

Beyond engineers’ performance, the digital revolution is characterized by an evolution of uses and the development of an amazing ability to take new tools for a better reshape of the World, heckling dogmas, disrupting economic models…


When the border of habits falls, the question of law becomes decisive.

  • How to supervise new uses?

  • How to preserve freedoms?

  • How to assert your rights in a global village, largely dematerialized?

This is Legal & Digital data analysis and cyber risk management experts ambition.

  • Adopt an agile multidisciplinary approach: have the best experts, at the best time.

  • Anticipate trends,

  • Fully master the technological state of the art

  • Use the best tools.


Equip your compliance with the best digital means:

  • Data Privacy,

  • Anti-fraud, anti-corruption,

  • Internal Audit

  • Tax, URSSAF and customs controls,

  • Angaint forencis security or legal and letigation




The RPA platform that automates millions of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.