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At the core of the system for strengthening risk management and improving the company's processes, the internal auditor is a real jack-of-all- trades for the company and its businesses.

Supporting stakeholders in the issues they seek to resolve, providing them with objective and relevant insights, responding to constantly renewed questions from operational departments induce a great variety in internal audit assignments:

  • Internal control and risk management systems (analysis and verification of the effectiveness of control procedures);

  • Verification of the regulatory and legal compliance of the systems put in place,

  • Carrying out audit missions (observation, interviews with employees concerned by the audit, formulation of avenues for improvement, drafting of the mission report, etc.).


In an environment where the audit function needs to do more quickly and efficiently, without having infinite resources, Legal & Digital helps you do more with less!



From fraud audit to branch audit, data mining must be fully integrated into the audit approach.

The most efficient audit functions place data at the heart of their approach, allowing them to:

  • To go further in their ability to understand processes and detect anomalies,

  • To be part of a capitalization process by making all analyzes reproducible,

  • To aim for an exhaustive scope of testing.


Place data at the heart of your audit process!

Fully integrating the use of data into the whole methodology, transforms and speeds up the audit process.

Legal & Digital offers you gradual assistance , adapted to your level of maturity:

  • Embedded audit

You want to ensure the benefits of data analysis in the audit process but your current team does not allow you to go it alone.

Legal & Digital supports you on the data part of your audit and is an integral part of your audit team on this mission.

  • Development of a generic control kit

Convinced of the contribution of data analysis to audit missions, you want to have a bank of tests that you can use in most of your missions.

Legal & Digital develops the first high added value control kit for you and trains your auditors in data analysis techniques.

  • Data expertise center

The regular use of datamining in audit missions naturally leads you to implement robust robotic tools to automate and plan analyzes but also to set up an integrated management circuit for exceptions.

Legal & Digital supports you in the large-scale implementation and the realization of complex controls.




The digital transformation requires you to equip yourself to gain in agility.

The audit function does not escape the ongoing digital transformation within companies. It must be equipped to gain agility and regularly justify its added value.

The implementation of an integrated software solution, shared by the parties interested in compliance, risk management, monitoring of audit recommendations and management of improvement plans introduces a renewal of the working methods necessary for survival of internal audit.

This type of solution covers the entire audit process:

  • Risk analysis ( risk mapping, preparation of the internal audit plan, risk monitoring and scoping of entities or sites),

  • Preparation of the audit (preliminary risk analysis, preparation, scoping and planning),

  • Field work (multi-entity, multi-process audits, tests with data for 100% coverage, validation of processes, controls and audit points),

  • Reporting (mission and summary reports, dashboards of audit points, compliance indicators, extended communication to all stakeholders - audit committee, general management, finance department, other departments, etc.).



Classifying, evaluating, prioritizing, and communicating the risks to which the company is exposed is an essential activity for the management.


Whether within a dedicated department or delegate to internal audit, the implementation of a risk management tool provides a simple and direct means: 

  • Obtain and maintain a comprehensive overview of risks throughout the organization,

  • To follow the most important risks,

  • Plan audit and risk mitigation projects to ensure minimal impact.



Gain agility, compliance and speed; opt for a dedicated platform.

Continuously juggling between its audit program (assessments, evaluations and feedback), The occasional assigned missions by the involved parties and the need to anticipate other risks that are likely to occur, internal audit needs to gain agility .

The implementation of a dedicated platform enables to meet compliance challenges and to gain in speed of execution by facilitating the mission progress and the audit reporting result as well.


  • Create the audit plan,

  • Operationally manage audit assignments (define the work program, the test plan, document its work, formulate recommendations),

  • Share audit conclusions with all stakeholders with the right level of information,

  • Facilitate the follow-up of recommendations over time,

  • Ensuring a synergy of approaches and methods,

  • Build a common repository.


Plus encore
  • Manage database incident,

  • Manage survey or questionary with external partners (eg: suppliers who must send supporting documents, etc.),

  • Share dashboards,

  • Facilitate collaboration between the different lines of defense.


These are all the activities that are now the responsibility of internal audit departments!


Legal & Digital supports you in the partial or complete implementation of an audit solution by offering 3 assistances  levels of assistance:

  • Mode Gouru - only expertise

You have the time and resources available. You want to be supported for your first steps and very quickly encourage your team's skills development. You want to manage your project by yourself

  • Start-up mode - a tailor-made approach

You want to secure your first software solution deployment project while building solid internal skills. You want to be sure that your team will be able to keep the solution in an  operational condition. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • Turnkey mode - a real partnership

You do not have a team available to support the project. You want the absolute guarantee of mastery of the subject delegate to Legal & Digital the configuration of your solution.

At Legal & Digital, we are convinced that the gradual tooling of internal audit departments is a necessary first step towards a successful transformation of audit and control functions.

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