The increasingly numerous regulatory constraints (SAPIN 2, Solvency 2, etc.) as well as the need to control these activities have made the existence of an internal control system essential within the company.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The development of the latter must meet the following objectives:

  • Materialize internal control in the company,

  • Understand the level of risk exposure and risk factors,

  • Address all regulatory issues,

  • Recognize the elements of a risk management framework and know how to adapt it,

  • Streamline the internal control process,

  • Strengthen the anti-fraud system.

In addition, the management and animation of this system, but also the associated reporting constitute significant costs that the company seeks to optimize.


Faced with the challenges of reducing costs and the complexity of compliance, Legal & Digital helps you automate your internal control programs and effectively mobilize your three lines of defense.

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Informing executives, boards of directors and other management committees about the risks endangering the strategic objectives of the organization and the possible efforts to mitigate these risks turns out to be a real headache as the information is disseminated throughout a whole bunch of tools and spreadsheets, which is moreover returned at different intervals .

Centralize and simplify the main risk management activities within a single and integrated platform allows less time to be spent on leading the risk management process itself and more time for undertaking risk control actions .

What are the expected benefits of optimized risk management?

Legal & Digital supports you in their realization thanks to the deployment of a solution providing integrated insurance:

  • Improve risk-based decision making,

  • Quickly identify and deal with rapidly changing or emerging risks,

  • Simplify risk aggregation and reporting to better understand impacts and responses,

  • Remove organizational silos to promote a solid “risk culture”,

  • Reduce subjectivity using data-driven risk indicators in assessments and reports,

  • Ensure alignment between governance and assurance teams using a single platform.


Risk management, another activity carried out by internal control in an already busy schedule!


Clearly represent your goals, Legal & Digital experts will help you achieve them!

Legal & Digital experts assist you in the implementation of a real risk management strategy that can be perfectly integrated into your internal control system, using a proven methodology:

  • Definition of the organizational framework, roles and responsibilities of actors,

  • Establishment of a risk management process based on the stages of identification, analysis and treatment of risks,

  • Integration into the control environment implemented within the organization,

  • Deployment of a continuous and adapted management system,

  • Make any adjustments based on a principle of continuous improvement.


By creating a comprehensive and objective representation of risk assurance, the strategic vision is easily shared, driving the changes necessary to protect the organization and increasing its ability to meet its objectives.




Internal control tools require pooling to meet requirements   administrative.

As part of the assessment of the internal control system, management can carry out an annual self-assessment campaign on internal control. These operations, generally large in scale, mobilize a large number of players within the company:

  • Operational,

  • Managers,

  • Heads of entities or divisions,

  • Regional or branch controllers.

Spreadsheets and other existing tools are often insufficient for the size of the task and unfortunately do not provide the necessary assurance ...

Implement a software solution to

  • Model your organization (entities, BU, zones, regions, etc.),

  • Manage risk and control repositories (specific to your organization but also SAPIN 2, Solvency 2, ITGC, GDPR, etc.),

  • Animate an automatic workflow,

  • Guarantee reliable, clear and real-time reporting,

proves to be of invaluable help, allowing you to free up additional time for activities with higher added value.

Legal & Digital supports you in the digitalization of your self-assessment procedures.

Centralizing and automating self-assessment campaigns will allow you to reduce the costs and complexity inherent in these activities:

  • Save time and reduce costs by minimizing duplicate work, automating assessments and workflows as well as using pre-existing templates and frameworks,

  • Mobilize process owners and the first line of defense to test controls and remedy issues within a single platform,

  • Share real-time updates on compliance issues, remediation tasks and certification status,

  • Increase management and investor confidence by providing the assurance they need,

  • Make it easier for your employees with a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use platform.


Our experts support you in simplifying your processes to ensure compliance!



Continuous monitoring yes! But on which processes ...

  • Segregation of duties and access control?

  • Supplier controls?

  • The purchasing cycle (from order to payment)?

  • Monitoring contributions?

Confronted with the diversity of topics that could benefit from such an approach, Legal & Digital will assist you in identifying a first scope of moderate size and complexity on which to deploy your first permanent control process.


It is the scarcity of your data that gives them their beauty!

Make them shine like diamonds by cleverly mining them.

While data is pervasive in the business, it is most often untapped. Occasional data analyzes have regularly demonstrated the value of integrating this practice into internal control activities.

The implementation of a permanent control solution allows repetitive and time-consuming processes automation: data access, data processing, reporting and the implementation of an automatic workflow.

Still not sure how to display a permanent control approach in your company? Let us help with a fully scalable implementation designed to fit your requirements:

  • Prepare and Analyze - Connect to all your data sources, prepare your data, then analyze risk and discover insights to make better data-driven decisions.

  • Supervise - Create a KPI, KRI or KCI to monitor and supervise 24 hours a day. When a threshold is exceeded or an anomaly is detected, a robot informs those responsible for the action to be taken.

  • Produce reports - Have accurate and efficient dashboards and visualizations to inform your strategic decisions.

  • Take Action - Create review, remediation and reporting workflows to trigger alerts by eliminating collaboration challenges.